Churn is a Business Problem.

Churn is a major financial and operational problem for many companies, diminishing revenue, profit, missed opportunities and company valuations.

The Anatomy of Churn
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Companies lose $1.6 trillion per year due to customer churn

Reducing churn by 5% can increase profits by 25-125%

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%

Your role in churn

You have a role in churn.


Churn is an account services problem.

Churn depends heavily on your account services—growing relationships, strong processes, great customer service, and knowing how you are doing.

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Churn is a marketing problem.

Marketing matters when it comes to churn - are you overpromising or underpromising?

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Churn is a sales problem.

Sales teams build rapport, relationships and trust with the target audience. Churn depends on sales to find the right buyer, provide the right solution, all for a problem worth buying.

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Churn is an operations problem.

If you don’t onboard and treat your customers well, you will see an increase in churn.

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Now what?

Everyone deals with churn. There are no shortcuts to solving it, but you can’t ignore it. How did we get our churn to 8% from 29%? We’d be happy to share.

We just need to know who we’re talking to first.